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t audience. Also, timing is crucial. For a webinar on taxes such as this one, for instance, will be much more effective by being held in the months of January through April. As opposed to live seminars or in-person seminars, your customers and prospective clients will be able to repeat webinars again. This means the webinar will create leads for you long after you’ve ended hosting the event.

Make your webinar available to replay for the course of time, if you intend to reap the maximum benefits. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear about what you’re offering. Therefore, making it available to replay allows you to increase the impact and value.

Offer Premium Content

Content marketing through blog posts is efficient, however, you can take things a step higher with your marketing accounting solutions and make quality material. Remember, however, that blog posts and articles tend to be created by your competitors. There is more to your content than the average. As an example, you could make an eBook on taxes and Cloud-based CRM options for students in higher educational institutions. To help with your marketing strategy for tax departments, you could develop a book that is available in a PDF format that assists taxpayers complete their taxes.

While this content will definitely be longer in the making, it will give you an opportunity to ask to be compensated. You could make the book open to the public with the request of their email addresses. Although a single email address might not sound like much given that it was a lengthy process to create, you can invest in making the resource well-known so that it keeps getting email addresses, with no more effort.

Utilize Social Media for you

Most serious businesses mistakenly associate social media with organizations that are trying to be fun and lighthearted for their customers. How about the other ones?