Aquarium Service Maintenance Tips 101 – Reference

Without regular maintenance there is no way to keep your fish healthy. It is important to maintain the fish in good health and prevent the aquarium from being non-conducive to aquatic life. Tips and tricks on the YouTube video “Basic Aquarium Maintenance 101”.

Water tests are a basic routine maintenance process and must be done regularly. The water test will check for the presence of ammonia and nitrite. Ammonia can be fatal at high levels for the fish. Therefore, it is imperative to perform a water change in the event that ammonia levels are elevated. Prior to the water change, a quick wipe-down of your aquarium is advised for removing algae. The same can be taken out during the water change.

It’s important to switch off the heater and filter prior to a water change. If the filter is allowed in a state of drying during a water change, it can damage the impeller. It is essential to be sure to check the temperature of any water used in a water change. Failure to comply with this condition could cause stress to the fish, and possibly cause their deaths. All in all, you can call an aquarium service to conduct maintenance on your aquarium. They’ll be in a better situation to manage it properly.