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Airbnb is a housing rental. Airbnb scams are on the increasing. People don’t even realize that they’ve been scammed until they arrive at their desired destination. Even though Airbnb is regulated and has refunds offered to people who have been scammed, sometimes authorities need to be directly involved. In this video, there are some limitations that Airbnb users won’t be willing to go through to earn the most money from unsuspecting Airbnb guests.

Though this particular instance of illegal renting happened on Miami Beach, these issues have been reported everywhere in the United States. “Renters” permit temporary stays at homes and homes that are not theirs to rent, they will also advise guests to lie to police regarding their stay. It’s a scam and can land you in severe legal trouble. There are occasions when guests are actually invited to live in illegal or closed areas in the city. They are thieves. Check the feedback of the host prior to booking an Airbnb.