Check Out This Illegal Airbnb Busting! – Free Encyclopedia Online

Am Airbnbs are rising recently and people don’t even realize the scam until they arrive to their visit. Although Airbnb offers refunds and regulations provided to victims who’ve suffered fraud, at times it is necessary to get the law directly involved. This video will show you that there’s no limit to the amount of money individuals can earn from unwitting Airbnb clients.

Though this incident of illegal renting occurred in Miami Beach specifically, such instances can be observed all over the United States. The short-term rental system allows guests to stay in apartments or houses that don’t belong to them to rent. And, then, the landlords could advise the guests to tell police that they are lying. The scam can put you in legal troubles. Some guests even get to reside in illegal or restricted areas of the city, making them criminals. Be sure to read the reviews of your host prior to booking an Airbnb.