Common Types of Pipeline Strainers – Technology Radio

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Strainer Y-Type

A strainer of the Y type protects your equipment such as pumps, valves, and meters, by getting rid of foreign particles. They are able to be utilized in pressurized, steam, gas, liquid, or suction pipe. One drawback is that they cannot be installed in piping with upward flows.

Basket Strainer

A strainer can be used to eliminate dirt or other items from the fluid. Strainers could catch small objects including rings and other items that could have fallen in the sink. They are able to be put in horizontal pipelines that have a high volume of flow.

Duplex Basket Strainer

Dual basket strainers are readily available. It is comprised of two separate basket strainers . Both have diverting valves which guide the flow of water. This strainer is perfect for both chemical and abrasive purposes. When the liquid is empty, it does not interrupt the process of straining by changing the flow.

There are a variety of designs for pipe strainers depending on the function they are used for. Visit the above link to find out more information about the design of the strainer and the various metals that they are constructed from.