Equipment Used by Excavation Companies – UNM Continuing Education

tools used, both hand-held and heavy-duty. This video provides an overview of the most powerful equipment used in excavation.

Power shovels are the first. The power shovel is able to lift all sorts of earth. It has wheels or with crawlers (tracks). Crawler-mounted power-shredders are slow however, they’re more stable when working on loose soil or other uneven terrain. Power shovels with wheels work best in the fast transportation of material over relatively even surface. They come in many sizes based on the job.

Backhoes are an additional excavating device. They typically come in smaller size compared to the power shovel and help to eliminate material from below the soil level. In the direction they dig is an important distinction between a backhoe and a power shovel. an backhoe. As the backhoe’s direction is towards the vehicle while the power shovel moves away and the direction in which they dig will be key.

A drag line is the final element we’ll examine. These lines are larger and allow for digging in huge zones. For more information watch the video on the right.