How CBT Works As An Anxiety Treatment – Greg’s Health Journal

It is extensively used in the treatment of anxiety. This video gives a glimpse about how CBT operates. The video shows excerpts from a CBT session between an individual therapist as well as her client.
Make sure you know how to breathe.

CBT practitioners employ techniques of relaxation to assist patients in getting their anxiety under control. This technique is easy to implement and is performed wherever. When people feel panicked the breathing can become erratic. They might keep their breath, or start to breath too fast. They can trigger anxiety symptoms. The most effective way to decrease anxiety is to manage your breathing.

You will be able to get confident with your condition

Recognizing the indicators of anxiety and a panic attack will help in gaining confidence dealing with these symptoms. Start to control your anxiety by identifying the indicators. CBT is all about learning to control your thoughts, emotions, and actions. When you’ve mastered the way your body responds to stressful or stressful situations, you will be better at utilizing the techniques you have learnt.