How HVAC Gauges Work – Media Content Lab

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HVAC gauges could also be called refrigerant meters and come in many types. They can be used to measure pressure. Technicians can then convert this pressure into temperature superheat or subcooling. There are a variety of temperatures of different refrigerants on the scale. When the needle points at some number, we can define it as the saturation.

It’s crucial to calibrate HVAC gauges according to atmospheric pressure. That’s why these manifolds read at PSIG (pounds for square inch. You can do that with screwscrews, moving the small lever in the manifold, and then shifting the needle until it is at zero. There are two different sides of HVAC gauges. The side with the highest pressure, also known as high-pressure gauge is usually blue and the lower side, or the low pressure side will be blue. Below the hoses are.

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