How to Encourage Someone to Exercise – Exercise Tips For Women

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What to Avoid to Motivate Someone to Exercise

Now that you appreciate how important it is to exercise, and motivating others to do the same certain strategies might not work. One of the ways to learn is by avoiding methods that aren’t working. Below are 5 ways encouraging someone to workout.

Avoid using punishment as motivation It’s tempting to do so, but it’s not a good idea to use punishments in order to motivate someone to work at. If a child isn’t exercising or exercise, they might be prevented from using the television by their parents. Additionally, their spouse may not allow them to have intimacy to encourage them. Ronald Riggio (author of Psychology Today) advises against using punishment to motivate. According to Riggio that punishment should be a instrument to discourage undesirable behavior, not a motivation tool.

Do not overwhelm someone with stats: Another temptation to gather all stats from Statista or CDC about how physical inactivity causes injury. While the facts are true however, the majority of people understand the risk of obesity and aren’t active enough. Many may be embarrassed by inactivity levels that aren’t sufficient. Beware of hard facts unless are a physician and can help your loved ones or client to work out.

Avoid using sarcastic words in order to motivate someone to get fit. Do not refer to them as being overweight, fat, lazy, etc. Do not also use derogatory words for encouraging them to work out.

Ten Tips to Motivate Someone to exercise

Your presence could play a crucial aspect in someone’s quest towards fitness by knowing how inspire them to get active. There are strategies that work when it comes to encouraging someone to remain in shape through physical activity. These are 10 ways it is possible to encourage your clients to be active.

1. Explore the resources they have

Looking up resources for someone’s is a great start whenever you want for ways to inspire them to workout. Here are some of the workouts you could do.