Implicit Bias Training and the Police Force – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

The author explains the links between the police force and implicit bias and discusses the bias training of police officers.

Implicit means ‘unaware’. People are often discriminated against by implicit bias in everyday situations. Implicit bias may affect the teacher’s selection or the person they assign detention to. Training is not designed to eradicate bias, but rather to make you aware of how these fundamental factors can influence the choices you make.

A 2012 study showcased the truth of bias in police officers. When faced with multiple simulated targets of varying races, cops fired the black and Latino bodies faster than they did white and Asian body parts. When they were asked to review images of individuals to see people who appeared to be ‘innocent’ they always chose the faces with black eyes over those with white faces. Experts don’t believe implicit bias training works yet it’s essential for bias education to be maintained specifically among the police officers. 4spetva1z6.