Installing a Truck Transmission – Life Cover Guide

It is possible to do this yourself with just three steps.

You can use a special alignment shaft to make sure that the clutch is properly installed. Slip it into the pilot bearing and follow with the friction disc and plate. To ensure proper alignment of the clutch take the clutch fingers downwards and draw down the bolts evenly. Be sure to not take off the shaft until you’ve completed the process. After you’re finished, take off from the machine and test the clutch alignment by lightly reconnecting the tool until it reaches its bottom.

With a jack fitted with an adjustable plate, set your plate. Make sure that the transmission is mounted prior to it going under the truck. Next, adjust the truck’s height at your own convenience, and align to the position of the transmission on the jack with the level or incline of the truck.

Walk the jack in towards your engine. Lift the transmission. Be sure there is nothing in the chassis that the transmission comes into contact when you would. When the shaft has been slipped into the clutch shaft illuminate the light source and gradually move the transmission until the shaft of the clutch grips the spines.

The jack should be pushed to the reverse to push the transmission into the first shaft. Set the tension as necessary. Slide the transmission into the bearing that is pilot. It is now complete the installation of your semi-truck transmission.