Most Commonly Replaced Parts for Forklift Repair – Andre Blog

and efficiency. We will discuss repair forklifts and the most frequently replaced parts.

Forklifts, like all automobiles and trucks, have specific components that are regularly replaced. Start with the most common parts such as rubber and parts for power steering. These parts should be replaced each year, ideally each two years or at least every 4000 hours. To determine when replacement or repair is necessary, machines must be properly evaluated.

Other crucial components of the machine are a reservoir tank and hose, wheel-cylinder rubber parts master cylinder rubber part and hydraulic hose. After a year, or 2000 hours of usage the components should be replaced or considered. The lift chainis one of the most important components in the machine, must be replaced after 6,000 hour or 3 years , is a good idea.

It is crucial to make sure that forklifts are maintained and fixed. Watch this video to find out more information about repair and maintenance of forklifts.