Rescuing a Worker From an Ariel Lift – Work Flow Management

It is vital to understand every procedure when working with large machinery. Those who work in the aerial lifts are not the exception. The video below will demonstrate what to do if an employee is struggling to use an aerial lift.

There may be situations where the aerial lift cannot lower. This could be because of a number of electronic and mechanical causes. To lift off the lift workers can utilize an SRK-11. The self-rescue mechanism is connected to both the bucket and the worker in a complete body harness. The SRK-11 permits the user to fall without having to use their hands.

The SRK-11 is not able to be moved until an operator is in control of the line, and will stop if someone lets go. The system can be customized according to the individual’s needs. The rope’s links range from 20 feet all the in as high as 600 feet. Furthermore, in the event that the user were to fall off the lift’s aerial the rope will grab the user and absorb the shock of a sudden fall.