The Best Natural Way to Unclog a Drain – Family Issues Online

clogs. It can lead to the water to become dirty and linger in your sink instead of being flushed down the drain as normal. This can lead to the smelly and filthy sink. You can get your drain cleared with the help of a skilled plumber. But, the majority of times, the clog is minor and can be fixed at home. In this instructional video you’ll learn how to clean your drain with this natural treatment.

The principal ingredients you’ll need are baking soda, vinegar along with boiling water. This is very simple. Get started by boiling water. You can either do this either on the stove, or in your microwave , provided that the pot is microwave safe. Pour baking soda into the drain. After this, pour some vinegar down the drain in order for the reaction to kick off. This reaction should last for a few minutes as both vinegar and baking soda bubble up. In the end, utilize the boiling water to flush it all down. The chemical reaction in combination with boiling water, you can eliminate the blockage. Also, you can try using a drain snake to remove larger blockages.