The Best Piping of 2022 – Maine’s Finest

Which plumbing system is the ideal? You have many things to consider. Think about whether longevity and durability are more important than upfront costs. In this video, we will demonstrate some of the most popular piping options for 2022.

CPVC Pipes can be an attractive option. It’s utilized in more than 50 percent of houses. It doesn’t come with many benefits. Sure, it is cheaper than copper pipes. But, its longevity is not as long as copper. It may be a little more straightforward to set up than copper, but it still requires primer and solvent to connect fittings. It’s an in-between and could be falling out of the market.

Copper has been a popular option due to its longevity. If you go to an older home and you’ll see that the copper piping is perfectly in good condition. When properly maintained the copper pipe can last up to 100 years. However, it is expensive and challenging to put into place.

PEX could be the new leader in pipe 2022. It is expected compete with the endurance of copper for the long haul. Meanwhile, it provides an option that is easier to use than both copper as well as CPVC. This is due in part to its use of a snap and plug method. The system makes the labor costs much lower because of the simplicity of installing. PEX has both strength and cost savings. PEX is clearly the best choice.