Unique Things to do For Free with Kids – Outdoor Family Portraits

sprinklers and run through them for some fun. Cool water is amazing on a hot summer day. It is possible to make a slip and slides using trash bags or a plastic sheet. Pour water and liquid soap on the sheet of plastic, and voila, plenty of fun to last an entire evening.
15. Origami

The paper can be folded into paper to create different designs, such as a butterfly or a dinosaur. It’s also easier to make them nowadays because of the clear video instructions available that are available on YouTube. This can be turned into an competition to see who can complete their origami most quickly.

16. Geocaching

Would you like to participate in the world’s biggest treasure hunt? Begin your quest to locate hidden caches using your smartphone or GPS to find them. These caches are in plastic containers with waterproof seals and a logbook. Once you have located the cache, fill out the logbook. Then, take it back to the exact location you discovered it. More than 3 million caches are scattered across the globe. Geocaching apps can help you discover these caches.

17. Find out about Plants and Bugs

Social media and online communities are helping to catalogue a variety of different species of insects and plants. An app can identify their species from images. Bring your children a camera and allow them to explore the yard to see the variety of insects and plants they could identify.

18. Get a tree planted

Don’t forget to do Earth a favor and plant some trees together. Not only is it good for the environment however, your child will have the pleasure of seeing the tree that they planted blossom and one day become fully grown. It’s important to place the tree in the right spot, to ensure that you do not have to maintain it.

19. Magic The Art of Magic Magic

Have fun confusing the other by using tricks that are guaranteed to ensure that your child is the biggest attraction in the school. Some easy tricks to lea