What Are the Best Grains to Feed Dogs? – E-BREAKING NEWS

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Get it right by following grain-free guidelines.

While it is commonplace to eliminate grains from your dog’s food, the benefits are not yet clear. Certain dogs have suffered with heart problems after feeding them this or similar brand food. Take care with the food you give your dog. Although, the cause remains to be determined.

Dogs Do Not Need Carbs

One of the reasons why people go grain-free is because dogs do not require carbohydrates and don’t have. Evolution has however made the dogs able to digest them and if you’d like to include a complete gran dog food recipe to your roster, it’s alright.

Good Grains for Dogs

The finest grains you could give your pet are whole grains like brown rice, wheat milllets, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, and Rye. They are the least processed more nutritious!

For additional information on healthy grain feeding to your pet, you can watch the remainder of the video. Be sure to check with a veterinarian for advice.