Computer Programming Language for the Iliterati

For most people, even if they spend 120 hours per week on their computers, the jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms of which computer programmer are so fond might as well be Sumerian cuneiform. Unless one has received formal training in computer language, or spent a significant amount of time training from books or websites, phrases such as anchor HREF, HREF tags, HREF tag syntax, base HREF tag, and so on are meaningless. At least with the normal English language, individual words are meaningful separately, and thus, when strung together, at least some sort or interpretation or meaning can be deduced with minimum linguistic analysis. With computer terms and abbreviations such as anchor HREF and HREF title tag, it is almost impossible to parse out any kind of meaning for those people who are uninitiated into computer language.

While it is virtually impossible to find a productive citizen who cannot find something to praise about computers, there are few who even want to bother to know about the science and language that make computers and the internet possible. In fact, people who are not literate in any computer programming language, are often intimidated when they hear people discussing a HREF, HTML, anchor HREF, and all of that good stuff. However, in places of employment where those who are literate in computer programming language brush elbows with the lowly programming iliterati, it can be scary for those who do not enjoy being relegated to ignorance. Fortunately, for those ambitious or curious individuals who want to learn at least something about the more widely used computer programming terms, such as HTML, HREG tags, or anchor HREF, there are several user friendly guides available online that will make it as clear as a chocolate milkshake, or at least a root beer float.

Naturally, some people are more comfortable in their ignorance than others. As such, when it comes to computers, as long as their machine works, and there is someone available to fix it in the event that it does not, they could not give two hoots about the difference between anchor HREF and HREG tags. For Type A personalities, however, nothing can drive them to insanity more quickly than feeling ignorant and marginalized. Fortunately, those people need not feel hopeless in their strife, for the first steps to computer programming literacy, and knowing the different between anchor HREF and HREG, is just a few clicks away.