To Anchor or Not to Anchor a HREF

Have you been told that your site would be better with the addition of some HTML, possibly in the form of an anchor tag href? If you are new to the use of HTML, then that statement might not make much sense to you, so here is some help. An anchor tag is the coding […]

Four Reasons to Build a Business Website With HTML

In the highly competitive marketplace of today, almost all businesses need to have a website and some sort of web presence that allows consumers to find more information and possibly make a purchase. However, it can be difficult to build a website, especially for owners and managers who have experience in an area other than […]

Why Use Anchor Text?

The Internet is constantly evolving. Methods and mechanisms we took for granted just a few years ago are being replaced, upgraded, modified, or done away with completely. While keeping up with the changing landscape can be a challenge, it can help to remember that nearly every change the World Wide Web experiences is designed to […]

Link Yourself to Online Advertising Success

The world of online advertising is ever changing, keeping proficient in the latest advertising techniques, and what is the most effective online, will help set your business up for success. It can be hard to stay on top of the latest online advertising trends. In the past few years using href anchor links has been […]

What Is A HREF Tag?

Anyone who has dabbled in or who is considering a career in web design or web development needs to ensure multiple factors. One of these factors is a clear understanding in the specific language utilized in order to create a functional website or web page. This language is often referred to as code, and there […]

Proper Coding is a Must for a Fully Functioning Website

Having a strong website is virtually a necessity for businesses looking to attract new customers and expand in the competitive business environment of today. But today, a good website means more than cool graphics and engaging content. I means using all kinds of coding that makes a site more usable and href anchors to link […]

3 Essential Hreg Tags Uses

Hypertext markup language is the language of the web. If you do not have a developed sense of HTML, you are behind the times. You do not have to understand the complexities of web design in order to get a basic grasp of HTML. Such issues as a href anchor use, for example, should be […]

Hrefs After Javascript Can the Old Coding Survive?

Internet coding was first developed in the late 1980s and it was around the early 1990s when the internet first became commercially available. Since that time web developers have been working through the complex systems which allow them to navigate this vast web of computerized information. This can include using base Href tags and Href […]