Everything You Should Know About the Monalisa Touch – Rad Center

The treatment stimulates the production of collagen. This will begin a process that helps revive tissues. But, the results may be visible after only one treatment. Vaginal mucosa is more hydrated and well-nourished, as does the epithelium growing thicker in tone, more toned, and flexible.

There is also the option of using CO2 laser to treat other conditions such as wrinkles and sun damage. This laser, called Monalisa touch, based on the same technology and can also be utilized to relieve painful vaginal dryness, laxity irritation, burns sensations and urinary incontinence. Many women experience improvements on these indicators after just a couple of sessions or perhaps several. The Monalisa Touch treatment is typically performed in three distinct methods over an average of 18 weeks. Its effects last for a long time, but a single treatment per year is suggested to ensure alleviation from discomfort. Treatments last only a few minutes, but its positive effects can improve one’s relationship and life.