How Long Do Wisdom Teeth Take to Heal A Comprehensive Look

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Nerve Injury

If your nerves (lower alveolar nerve , as well as trigeminal nerves) are injured during the procedure, you might experience discomfort, tingling as well as numbness of the lips, tongue chin, and gums. The severity of the injury will determine the duration of the symptoms, the symptoms could last several months or even forever. A dentist or an orthodontist ought to advise you about the potential risks in advance and try their best to reduce the chance of injury to your nerve. A damaged nerve could affect everyday routines like eating or drinking in addition to the ability of communicating with people. The damage to nerves is a rare occurrence.


An infection can be identified if you have an illness that causes fever, or if you notice clear or yellowish discharge from your extraction site. A wisdom tooth infection can slow the healing process, taking longer. If you notice any indications or symptoms, it is essential to see your dentist right away.


Normal bleeding can occur. It is imperative to see the dentist promptly if there is persistent or heavy bleeding.

The Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Extract Is So In High Demand

If your wisdom tooth is impacted and are not causing difficulties, they normally do not require removal. To determine if the procedure is appropriate, your dentist will make an Xray examination of your teeth. An Xray can also determine if there is any possible complications. Wisdom teeth could become stuck (impacted) inside the jawbone or gums. If wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space for growth they may become blocked and can turn an unnatural angle. This can be extremely discomforting. Impacted wisdom teeth also increase the “how the wisdom teeth take to be healed” duration.

The main concern is that wisdom teeth impacted can cause bacteria to be trapped and result in plaque formation. This can cause dental decay, gum disease cellsulitis, abscesses and cysts and benign abnormal growths. Avoiding them is the best option.