Four Reasons to Build a Business Website With HTML

In the highly competitive marketplace of today, almost all businesses need to have a website and some sort of web presence that allows consumers to find more information and possibly make a purchase. However, it can be difficult to build a website, especially for owners and managers who have experience in an area other than web design. While there are lots of templates and previously made skins that businesses can use, some might want to use HTML so that they can include custom href anchors and use unique href tag syntax. Though coding might require a bit more work, there are several advantages to using HTML rather than a simple template.

HTML is Free

Though a business who builds a website will have to pay for their domain, HTML is free to use. Not having to buy a template or register with a web development service can help save lots of money, which is vital for businesses who have limited marketing budgets. And, anything that allows the free use of href anchors and other customization options can be quite helpful.

Supported by All Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer are all still popular and millions of web users from around the world use each option. Because of that, businesses will want to make sure that they do not have a website that only works on one specific browser in order to get seen by more consumers. Data href anchors that do not work on every browser can be a waste of both valuable time and money.

Works With XML

XML is becoming more and more popular when it comes to data storage today, and being able to manage and organize data is crucial for businesses who want to stay efficient. As a result, HTML is a great option because it uses a very similar syntax. This allows businesses to seamlessly work between the two platforms, which can be highly beneficial when it comes to efficiency.


Of course, the most important benefit of using HTML, rather than a website template, is that it allows businesses to creat sites that look like whatever they want. While some might prefer one that is clean, simple, and easy to navigate, others might want to feature big bold graphics and colors. Whatever the case may be, breaking free of restrictions that come with templates by mastering HTML is a good idea.