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a semiconductor. See how everyday dirt is converted into a beneficial product on the Youtube video “Semiconductor Production Process explained”. Find out more!

There are several steps when turning sand into construction blocks that will be used in the near future. They first have to convert the silicon dioxide in the sand dioxide into silicon. The silicon dioxide found in the sand will be converted into pure silicon. From these disks, factories are able to create as many as 35,000 chips. Chips are then covered with photoresist . Edges are then added.

This creates semiconductors that are however several times thinner than hair. For the purpose of adding additional electrical connections, the engineers place dopants on the chips. This procedure can be repeated multiple times and other steps may also need to be followed. However, in the end, it will take about 14 weeks to complete one disk. After that, the microchip is constructed using up to 30 layers.

For further information on how to produce a semiconductor, as well as what the next steps for semiconductors, you can view the remaining portion of the clip.