HTML Can Be Confusing Scary Even But As Soon As You Learn the Language, It Is Fun and Exciting To Play With

Anyone can write a blog. That is not special anymore. Even my mom has a blog, and she cannot figure out how to turn on her computer half of the time. No, to make your blog and website stand out, you need to expand. You need to learn new things to manipulate the site, and make it stand out above all of the rest in the sea of generics. Perhaps it is time you learned to use HTML code. A simple trick that can make all the difference in site usage and appearance is a HREF anchor. HREF anchors are used to jump to a new location on the same page, by clicking on a link to send them there.

Code writers have been using the anchor tag HREF forever. It really is nothing new in terms of code. But using it creatively and effectively can still make an impression on your website viewer. Perhaps an example of when you would anchor a HREF is in order, as it took until I had it laid out in front of me to properly understand it as well.

Let us say that you are writing an article about cruciferous vegetables. In your introductory paragraph you describe what a cruciferous vegetable is and then proceed to name the family groups in the cruciferae. When you write To Learn More About Cabbages, Click Here, is when you insert a HREF anchor. This anchor illuminates that whole line of text to act as a jumpable link, which sends the clicker straight down to the paragraph that you have written about cabbages.

Again, it is certainly not a groundbreaking technique in terms of code writing, but it can make the difference between scanning through an entire, boring article, and being able to jump to paragraphs that are interesting to you. This can earn you readers, as they can mandate exactly what they are reading, and you will not lose them if they only want to read specific bits of articles. While you would love for them to be reading the whole thing, bits and pieces is a start, and a HREF anchor is just the way to make sure that they can get to where they want to be, and stay on your site longer.