Is Your Vehicle Really Safe For Your Family? – Family Tree Websites

The answer is. You’re looking to secure your family members at all times. Families should always check the safety ratings of the vehicles they are considering purchasing. But, the rating could be deceiving. Watch this video to learn more.

Crash tests include testing different types of car accidents on crash Dummies. They measure the amount of stress applied to the various parts of their bodies such as their thighs, heads, and chest. There’s a problem. The human bodies of both children and women do not get accurately depicted by the dummies. It’s been this way for a long time. Although this particular model is no longer in use however, car manufacturers produce it. The same is true given the fact that more females drive now then men and that Americans have become more overweight than they used to be. This is why we need updated car crash dummies to accurately represent different segments of the population. Are your cars as safe and secure as you think? The good news is that changes appear to be on the horizon by introducing more varieties of dummies in the design phase.