What Do Bail Bondsmen Do? – How Old Is the Internet

who can one hire as someone to be a bail bondman?

Bail is probably the first thing you should know. A judge can give bail amounts to people facing charges of crime. The bail amount is being a security measure. The defendant will receive this amount in the event that they fail to show up to the subsequent court dates.

The defendant can pay the bail themselves, or a friend or relative can make the bail for them. It is also possible to hire bail bondmen. The person who is accused of the offense pays the bondsman some of the bail, typically 10%, and the bondsman takes the balance of the bail form of a bond or a promissory note.

Bail bond agents don’t only pay bail. Bail bondmen also verify that defendants attend court and comply with any parole restrictions they’ve been granted. The bail bondsman can arrest an individual if the person is not in compliance with the conditions, or fails to make it to court.

You can find more information on bail bondmen and bails in the video that follows.