The Basics of Roofing Lines – Family Dinners

There’s more to it than simply fixing roof shingles. It’s a complex area of your house and requires expert attention. Contractors who work on roofing must understand the basic structural elements of the roof to set up, maintain, and repair them. This video explains the fundamental roof line that roofing professionals need to be aware of.

Let’s work from the ground up. If you’re not counting your drain pipes coming out of the gutters, the eave refers to the closest part of your roof to ground. They’re parallel to ground and usually have drains connected to the roof. They don’t get in the way of roof pitch or steepness.

The roof’s edges are called”rakes. They’re made at an angle from the floor. They follow the angles of the roof surface the roof is placed onto. The next level is the Ridges. They’re located on the uppermost part of the roof where two sides are joined. They are able to be horizontal, or parallel to ground.

The hips also form when two sides meet. Two facets create an area where the roof and the floor meet. What is opposite to a hip is a valley. The formation occurs by the intersection of two faces, and then they’re incline downwards.

For more information you can watch the video below.