Woman Gets Millions From Walmart Case – Community Legal Services

People are often falsely being accused of theft from shops. Walmart was once an policy of sending shops that were suspected of shoplifting a notice and asked them to pay $200 for the end of the investigation. A majority of shoppers view this as a way to get out. Some people, however, refuse to pay a fine in the event of something they didn’t take part in. That’s what’s happening in the clip.

Walmart has filed suit against the woman and her lawyer over the damages she suffered as a result of being called a thief. It allegedly affected her ability as well as her potential earnings capacity to find a job. The judge decided in her favor , after concluding that there was no proof she was actually stealing items in the shop. In fact, there was no footage produced from the cash register. This could have been a bug, as claimed by the lady. When all was said and done, the woman was awarded two million dollars in punitive damages. This is more than the woman’s loss working. If the court attempts to determine the defense of the defendant, punitive damages can be awarded. In this case, it is. This is the reason for the large amount of money awarded.